✓ Dedicated maintenance spray for Master Sealant

✓ UNIQUE! Extracted & reduced Carnauba (5%) 

✓ Detail spray for the in-between job

✓ Creates a high gloss finish 

✓ Highly water-repellent layer of polymers, can be used as a drying-aid ✓ Contains no silicones, abrasives, teflon or alcohol 

✓ Amazing results on all paint finishes

✓ Safe to use on glass, chrome and plastics

✓ Durability of 4 to 6 months. 

Designed as the dedicated maintenance spray for MASTER SELANT but can also be used by itself. Safe for all paint finishes and will not strip the sealed layer. Great for a quick wet look finish after washing and drying your vehicle.
Durability of 4 to 6 Months


1. Spray a small amount onto the surface. Use sparingly!
2. Then immediately wipe on and off with a microfiber towel
3. Work a section at a time 
4. Do not let dry on surface 
- PRESTO DETAIL can be used to assist drying
- For the first coat of a vehicle without prior protection, we recommend 2 coats.For subsequent maintenance applications, 1 coat is sufficient.