SUPERSPORT | wheel coating.

SUPERSPORT | wheel coating.

  • ✓ Extremely easy application
  • ✓ Heat-resistant wheel coating
  • ✓ Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
  • ✓ Can be used on top of other protection or by itself
  • ✓ Greatly increases gloss without the need for polishing thanks to the titania


SUPERSPORT | spray wheel coating is an easy-to-use wheel coating for all types of wheel finishes. SUPERSPORT is designed as a quick top up to previous protection or, also, as a standalone protection product. SUPERSPORT, like all of POLISHANGEL's spray protection, can be applied to a wet or dry surface. The heat-resistant wheel coating contains a unique combination polytetrafluoroethene (PTFE) & titanium oxide (TiO2> +35%), opposes any chemicals, rust, tar and salts. Durability is 4-6 Months

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The application is extremely easy! Can be applied to dry or wet surfaces!

  1. Clean surface to be applied SUPERSPORT is to be applied to with MINT+ or other wheel cleaner.
  2. Spray SUPERSPORT into a microfiber towel or directly on the wheel surface and spread thin & evenly.
  3. Remove any residue lightly, directly after application.
  4. Fully cured in 1-2 hours

Made to order! 

For quality reasons, SUPERSPORT PTFE is produced exclusively to order and can cause delays of up to 2 days  (in addition to the regular delivery time). The shelf life ranges from the manufacturing date, not opened up to 4 years or 2 years once opened.

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