• **Now with increased cutting ability!**
  • For correcting and restoring weathered and dull paint.
  • Removes swirls, oxidation, dullness and scratches. 
  • Fast performance with long working time.
  • Advanced formula increases color intensity and paint clarity
  • Dust-free
  • Machine or hand application 


MASTER COMPOUND is one of the most advanced compounds on the market. A blend of super micro abrasive (SMAT) and diminishing abrasive (DAT) content allow quick paint correction, but leave a clear, haze free surface. Pure, highly quality abrasive content allows for dust free operation and excellent results. MASTER COMPOUND is fully capable of removing 1500 grit sanding marks with the LAMBSWOOL ULTRA CUT wool pad and for the ultimate one step, the yellow MASTER COMPOUND PAD is a perfect choice and in many cases finishes LSP ready. For further refinement and perfection, we recommend FINAL MASTER POLISH II to finesse and clarify the surface even further, 


  1. Shake well before use

  2. For Dual Action polishers, use with cutting pad (MASTER COMPOUND PAD or LAMBSWOOL ULTRA CUT PAD) on speed 5-6 in slow overlapping motions until product is broken down (7-8 passes). For Rotary polishers spin at 900-1500 RPM with a cutting pad (MASTER COMPOUND PAD or LAMBSWOOL ULTRA CUT PAD) in slow overlapping motions until product is broken down (4-6 passes)

  3. Buff off residue with clean microfiber such as POLISHANGEL ® ORGANIC RED TOWEL 

Made to order!

For quality reasons, Master Compound is produced exclusively to order and can cause delays of up to 2 days  (in addition to the regular delivery time). The shelf life ranges from the manufacturing date, not opened up to 4 years or 2 years once opened.