GLAYCOLIC | Clay Bar 180g

GLAYCOLIC | Clay Bar 180g

✓ Removes tar,rust, wear debris, industrial fallout,insects and other dirt

✓ Cleans all surfaces such as glass, paint, chrome, aluminium 

✓ Soft, smooth results 

✓ 100% scratch free 

✓ Will not brittle and remains soft 

The perfect preparation for painting begins with Glaycolic Cleansing Bar. An intensely defined and balanced hardness and degree of purification tackles the most sensitive paint surface safely. This newly developed Glaycolic Cleansing Bar for all paint surfaces gently and effortlessly removes all surface deposits without damaging the paint layer. 


Spray POLISHANGEL® | BABY or other clay bar lubricant on the contaminated paint surface and run the clay with light pressure over the surface until smooth and free of contamination.


Glaycolic Cleansing Bar Weight: 180g