BELLACLEAN | Leather Cleaner

BELLACLEAN | Leather Cleaner

✓ Leather cleaning and care in one step 

✓ Suitable for vinyl and plastic surfaces

✓ Matt and silky shine

✓ For the care of old and new leather

New! Vitamin C to revitalize the leather Vitamin C has great properties for leather care:

- Clarifying

- Refreshes

- Antioxidant

BELLACLEAN is much more than just a cleaner. Together with CHARISMA this two-stage leather processing system contains fine care ingredients which nourish the surface during the cleaning operation. BELLACLEAN has a luxurious matte complexion without leaving a greasy film, and the pleasant leather fragrance will spoil your senses.


1. Shake well before use
2. Mist product onto desired area
3. Massage product with foam applicator or microfibre pad
4. Remove any residue with clean microfibre cloth