POLISHANGEL® Master Compound Machine Pad 

Removes Heavey to Medium scratches, swirls and paint defects and brings the paint back to its former glory.
The best and easiest pad to remove paint defects and restore shine.
  • ✓ Premium High-Quality Pad construction 
  • ✓ Professional EP Velcro, even after hundreds washes the pad holds securely on the machine 
  • ✓ The dense multi-pore technology guarantees a possible slow absorption of the product into the Pad 
  • ✓ More efficient functioning
  •  ✓ Equal Large pores improve the targeted application 
  • ✓ The pad is washable at 60 ° by hand or machine and can be reused several times. 
  • ✓ Supplied in a practical, quick re-sealable bag
  • Thickness: 30mm

Note: Always start with low speeds. Always check the surface and the results obtained Tip: Always use the clean and matching towels to dry polishing, sealing, and wash layers.

For RUPES users, the 5" and 6.25" inch pads fit perfectly with the RUPES backing plates. The RUPES 3" backing plate slightly (<1/8") overhangs the edge of the pad backing but does not extend beyond the edge of the pad.

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