✓ For all shades 

✓Steel hard & warm gold shimmer at the same time

✓ Extracted & reduced Carnauba (10%) from our Carnauba flake technology

✓ The ultimate time saving product

✓ The perfect result in seconds 

✓ Maximum colour volume due to the unique color adaption 

✓ Warm reflective Carnauba glaze

✓ Worldwide Unique 

✓ Easy sprayon application, no curing time required! 

✓ Leaves no residue on plastic surfaces 

✓ Perfect colour match to the body color 

✓ Overwhelming deep gloss 

✓ Gorgeous color brilliance 

✓ Legendary smoothness 

✓ Rapid application of about 5-15 minutes per vehicle 

✓ Durable protective effect 

✓ Can be applied even on wet surfaces and as a drying aid


GOLD ZIRKON uses a specially designed gold plated extracted Carnauba Flake.
A spray wax with the fantastic splendor of carnauba which will enchant your paint with a glamorous gloss in seconds.

There has never been a smooth and shiny finish this quick ever before. Our masterbatch process is designed to achieve maximum gloss volumes and an unprecedented depth of shine.
For optimal preparation we recommend our non-abrasive Carnaubaflockencreme™ | CONTOUR process.


1. Spray a small amount onto the surface
2. Then immediately wipe on and off with a microfiber towel
3. Work a section at a time 
4. Do not let dry on surface 

Made to order! 

For quality reasons, Carnauba Arts™ are produced exclusively to order and can cause delays of up to 2 days  (in addition to the regular delivery time). The shelf life ranges from the manufacturing date, not opened up to 4 years or 2 years once opened.
CARNAUBA ARTS™ is a registered trademark