✓ Does not require Primer, use any finishing polish.

✓ Very high durability

✓ Produces a distinctive, glass-like finish

✓ Creates a beautiful hydrophobic effect

✓ Unique surface smoothness

✓ 5% More Silica and 10% more Titania than COSMIC

✓ Produces a flawless, clean finish

✓ Cures in 3 hours

POLISHANGEL® | VIKING COAT was developed for the Swedish/Nordic conditions and climate in the POLISHANGEL® German laboratory. POLISHANGEL® | VIKING COAT includes a high amount Silica and Titanium Dioxide. Silica produces an extremely hard durable surface that protects against corrosion. Titanium dioxide provides extreme shine and color transparency. Viking Coat requires only a minimal amount of product to be effective. 


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Vehicle and engine must be cool
  3. Make sure surface is prepared and free of contamination before applying
  4. Using the cosmic applicator pad, apply sparingly with a light and small circular motion
  5. Leave to cure for 45 minutes
  6. Buff off with clean micro fiber towel
  7. Apply a second coat after 2 hours.
  8. Leave to cure for three hours
  9. Apply a coat of VIKING SPRITZ and use this spray for maintenance.

Made To Order!

For quality reasons, VIKING COAT is produced exclusively to order and can cause delays of up to 4 business days  (in addition to the regular delivery time). The shelf life ranges from the manufacturing date, unopened, up to 4 years or 2 years once opened.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Viking Coat is one of the best sealants ever made!

Viking Coat is the only sealant I use on my vehicles. It is by far one of the best sealants ever created. It is so simple so use. Exactly like you would use a wax. I use a small Flex PXE-80 polisher with a finishing pad to apply the Viking Coat, allow it to haze up and it's a breeze to remove. Let it cure at least 3 hours according to the instructions. I then use Viking Spritz to maintain it. It's well worth the price if you really want your vehicle to blow away others who are looking at it when you are out and about. They will stop you and ask you how you got your vehicle so glossy, or "what are you using on that", etc. All day long. I would highly recommend you use the "Trio" of Master Compound, Master Final Polish, and Escalate Lotion, Palm Balm, or one of the other cleaner final polishes Polishangel sells and use those products first. It will completely level your paint for the highest possible finish, then that final step just ramps up the gloss to the highest possible level your paint will be able to achieve. It's a very long process but having the two polishers is a must in my opinion to make the process go quickly and smoothly once you get your process down. It's not hard at all when you have the right tools. Harbor freight sells a few polisher options for those on a budget. If not, the SPTA 5" long throw (Cordless) polisher is a very good value and great polisher for the money. It's only about $200 on Amazon and you get everything you need, although I would definitely recommend you get upgraded polishing pads to complete the process. That SPTA does the trick though and it's a very smooth polisher to use with minimal vibration. I would put it up against a Flex polisher all day long. I love that thing for what I paid for it. And you get two batteries, the charger, a case, and all sorts of accessories included. It's a great value. And any small polisher on Amazon would work to do your intricate polishing duties on the pillars and small areas where at mini-polisher is a must. Again, for about $150 to $200 you can get an entire kit with 2 batteries included, charger, 1", 2", and 3" backing plates of different variety included, also all the extensions, and all the pads you need. Everything. It's a knock off of the Rupes iBRID but it's a good knock off and works very well. Worth every cent for intricate polishing needs. Some of the kits are a little more pricey, but even if you paid up to $300 for the entire kit, it's worth it. Just my two cents but I had to leave a review about this product as being one of the best sealants money can buy! It will give you lasting protection against the elements. It lasted almost two years on my Nissan 370Z, but it's rarely driven, and garage kept, climate controlled at all times. But Viking Coat lasts a long time. Especially paired up with Viking Spritz. One of the best spray sealants ever created.

Robert Newman

Viking Coat is among The best Products I've ever used!!!
Amazing results!