Wax & Sealant Applicator

Wax & Sealant Applicator

✓ Tuned for the uniform application of waxes, COSMIC, PRIMER & MASTER SEALANT. 
✓ Perfectly matched foam density and cell hardship for the particular application 
✓ Washable at 60°c and reusable 
✓ Convenient form a perfect grip 
✓ Optimal pressure transmission and distribution of weight 
✓ Nestles perfectly in the palm of your hand.
✓ 14cm length & 3cm height 

The correct applicator is just as important as the right tools, this silicone-free applicator is designed for uniform application of POLISH ANGEL ®  COSMIC, ANGEL HONEY & Master SealantThe practical design allows effortless use. The applicator can be washed at 60°c by hand or machine and can be reused several times.