Volvo S60R in Flash Green with GLASSCOAT™ | COSMIC

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Travis Kent

Here is my latest work, a Volvo S60R in Flash Green. The car has nearly 90,000 miles on the odometer. The car had been cleaned, decontaminated and deironed (by me) just a few weeks before this detail.

Wheels were cleaned with MINT+ and a variety of wheel brushes

The vehicle was washed with FLAKE. While this is more of a maintenance wash, the majority of decontamination had been dealt with just a few weeks before.

The following gif shows how FLAKE dissolves into warm water.

Water behavior while washing with FLAKE

To ensure the vehicle was still decontaminated, IRON SERUM was used with a Wax & Sealant Applicator. The wipe-on application does not show as much of the red-streaky iron removal as others but is still very effective and efficient. I used about 40ml over the whole vehicle. And as a bonus, the smell is a strong mint so it is quite pleasant to work with!


I applied a little heavy in this area to demonstrate its effectiveness/get the runny look.

The engine bay was given a wipe-down with polishangel ENGINE. This was not an extensive engine detail but it cleaned up very nicely.

The paint was compounded with Master Compound and the Lambswool Ultra Cut pad on the RUPES LHR21

The Taillights were worked out with the same combination on the RUPES LHR75

In some areas the Master Compound machine pad was used for cutting

Reflection after Master Compound

Invincible | Primer being used before Cosmic

(I love using this picnic table bench for working sides of cars :) )

Color-Matched, Flash Green Cosmic setting before residue removal

Reflection after the 2nd coat of Cosmic

For this detail, Cosmic, Viking Coat (not available in the US), & Viking Shield were all used for protection :)

The after photos, enjoy!


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