2013 Melbourne Red BMW M3 featuring PASSION

Posted on June 14, 2014 by Travis Kent

The following was written by a customer about his car and experience with POLISHANGEL products.

2013 BMW E92 M3 Coupe in Melbourne Red


Purchased in August 2013, this is the last year of the S65 naturally aspirated high revving V8 that produces 414-horse power with an 8400 rpm redline. Car features a seven speed DCT transmission and carbon fiber roof. Conservatively modified as follows:


  • Lowered on set of Ohlins Road & Track coilovers
  • BMW M Performance Exhaust
  • Brembo GT 380mm Big Brake Kit in red
  • 19-inch HRE S104 wheels in Satin Bronze
  • HRE carbon fiber center caps
  • Michelin PSS tires 255/35r19 front 295/30r19 rear
  • iND custom painted gloss black M3 badge
  • iND custom painted Melbourne Red painted license plate holder
  • BMW M3 Edition Grills and Gills
  • BMW Aluminum Pedals


I have been detailing for many years and this project began like any other by washing, decontaminating and claying the vehicle. My first polishing pass was made with RUPES 15ES using Sonax Perfect Finish on a Scholl Orange pad. Now it was time to try out my new arsenal from POLISHANGEL. The second polishing pass was made using Contour on a white pad driven by my old Porter Cable 7424. On medium speed (3-4), Contour gave a great high gloss refined finish with very little effort and zero dust. Contour is the easiest polish I have ever worked with, it wipes off effortlessly and even though I taped off rubber trim it does not stain and also did a great job on the high gloss black window and roof trim. I used the Porter Cable with a gold pad to apply Passion to red paint and black pad with Famous on the carbon fiber roof and black gloss trim. The second coat of each was applied by hand. I finished up with single coat of Viking Shield applied by hand to all surfaces. It is amazing how far you can spread these products especially with a DA. The tires received two coats of Honey, Engine used to clean up under the hood and Palladium to polish exhausts tips.   


I attended a couple car events and then washed car with Flake. The morning of photo shoot I used Carnauba Arts Red Opal and Connoisseur Rapidwaxx as final prep and “boom goes the dynamite”- insane gloss for quick detail style products that take only five minutes to apply. The only change for next go-around will be to use POLISHANGEL polishes exclusively and I may give Cosmic a try. The true virtue of the POLISHANGEL line is how easy this stuff is to use, stupid simple and fuss free. The looks are just the icing on the cake.

POLISHANGEL Products used on the car:
Thanks to Travis for answering all my questions and providing great customer service.
Photography Credit:


Posted on May 14, 2014 by Travis Kent

Before condition of the hood. This vehicle had 113k mile on it. Rock chips would prevent from removing all defects.




Master Compound used on the RUPES LHR21 and Lambswool pad



Before condition of rear bumper. Thin & aged paint prevent removal of all defects.

Color & gloss restored:


Mirror before condition


Mirror cap after Master Compound

Full mirror after Master Compound


Door trim before


Door trim after Master Compound


After Master Compound, before polishing with Contour



Polishing with Contour

After Contour before Centurion




Before condition of the engine bay

After using ENGINE (this was not an extensive engine detail)

After photos






Subaru STI with Viking Shield & Blue Xilion

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Travis Kent

The following detail was performed on a 2005 World Rally Blue Subaru STI. 
The car puts out 340hp & 340tq to the wheels at 18psi.
Paint was protected with Viking Shield & Blue Xilion.
The first thing after the wash was to address the engine bay. Metal was polished with Palladium and the rest of the engine bay was cleaned & dressed with Engine
When polishing began, I first addressed the orange peel in the trunk and hood scoop with the CarPro Denim Orange Peeling pads and PolishAngel Master Compound.
The rest of the paint was in fairly good shape with just a few things to address
Certain areas had what looked to be DA marks
After (leveling the paint change the perspective of the reflection)
A few rubber seems had some wax buildup which was easily removed:
An interesting scuff on the front lip:
Polished with PolishAngel Master Compound and the Master Compound machine pad
Voila! This is the finish [I]before[/I] any finishing steps
Top of the grille before:
After the same combination with the lip. [I]No[/I] finishing steps:
Taillights Before:
Around the gas cap before:
Pillar before:
Side skirts corrected with RUPES green pads & Master Compound:
After polishing, no LSP:
Viking Shield about to be applied
First coat of Viking Shield being applied by DA
Intercooler piping before
After Palladium
Wheels protected with Diver (rims) and White Alabaster (faces)
After Photos

2014 Fiesta ST in Ingot Silver

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Travis Kent

Here is a write-up from a new car detail & protection I performed on a Fiesta ST
The car was brought to me with just over 250 miles on it.
-After foaming the tires & fender wells were cleaned with Meguiar's Super Degreaser diluted 4:1 followed by POLISHANGEL® Mint+ Wheel Cleaner on the wheel faces & barrels.
-The rest of the vehicle was then washed with 3oz. of Meg’s Hyper Wash (in each bucket) and blown dried prior to decontamination.
The car was then rinsed again, towel dried with high-quality microfiber drying towels, and then blown dry. The final air drying with the Master Blaster is mainly to remove water from all the jambs, cracks seems, behind the door handles... etc. Then the car was wiped down with Spies Hecker 7010 Panel Wipe to leave a perfectly clean surface ready for polishing with POLISHANGEL® INVINCIBLE | 9H PRIMER
Here is the test spot with Primer. While I felt this silver was in decent condition from the dealership there was still some gloss & clarity to be extracted.
Reflection in silver after Primer before Cosmic application.
Engine bay cleaned and plastics protected
Wheels removed to coat faces and barrels
POLISHANGEL® COSMIC | 9H coating applied
After 2 coats of POLISHANGEL® COSMIC | 9H coating
Water beads after fully cured
Final photos on an overcast day
Slight reflection of my ST in this silver
POLISHANGEL® COSMIC | 9H Contains Silica, Titanium & Carnauba for maximum protection from the elements with an advertised durability of 18-24 Months on a daily driver. 

Volvo S60R in Flash Green with GLASSCOAT™ | COSMIC

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Travis Kent

Here is my latest work, a Volvo S60R in Flash Green. The car has nearly 90,000 miles on the odometer. The car had been cleaned, decontaminated and deironed (by me) just a few weeks before this detail.

Wheels were cleaned with MINT+ and a variety of wheel brushes

The vehicle was washed with FLAKE. While this is more of a maintenance wash, the majority of decontamination had been dealt with just a few weeks before.

The following gif shows how FLAKE dissolves into warm water.

Water behavior while washing with FLAKE

To ensure the vehicle was still decontaminated, IRON SERUM was used with a Wax & Sealant Applicator. The wipe-on application does not show as much of the red-streaky iron removal as others but is still very effective and efficient. I used about 40ml over the whole vehicle. And as a bonus, the smell is a strong mint so it is quite pleasant to work with!


I applied a little heavy in this area to demonstrate its effectiveness/get the runny look.

The engine bay was given a wipe-down with polishangel ENGINE. This was not an extensive engine detail but it cleaned up very nicely.

The paint was compounded with Master Compound and the Lambswool Ultra Cut pad on the RUPES LHR21

The Taillights were worked out with the same combination on the RUPES LHR75

In some areas the Master Compound machine pad was used for cutting

Reflection after Master Compound

Invincible | Primer being used before Cosmic

(I love using this picnic table bench for working sides of cars :) )

Color-Matched, Flash Green Cosmic setting before residue removal

Reflection after the 2nd coat of Cosmic

For this detail, Cosmic, Viking Coat (not available in the US), & Viking Shield were all used for protection :)

The after photos, enjoy!


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